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A guided journal perfect for everyone from developing poets and writers to those looking to deepen their craft.

Work with award-winning poets Jessica Jacobs and Nickole Brown to develop your voice as a writer. Refined in classrooms around the country with students ranging from teens to senior citizens and everyone in between, these prompts are designed to get you writing.

Solidly grounded in the practice of awareness and writing though the body, this book will help deepen your self-awareness, your empathy for others, and your appreciation of your environment—inside and out. Many prompts also contain quotes from some of today’s most exciting poets to inspire and guide you.

Advance Praise

“Jessica Jacobs and Nickole Brown are two poets of presence, passion, and purpose. I am constantly learning from their brilliant poems and how they both inhabit the natural world around with them with immense light and graceful precision. This book of beautiful writing prompts is a safe space to explore the depths of your imagination, overflowing with favorite lines from beloved writers and soul-stirring questions. Write It! will help you deepen your writing practice as well as your relationship to identity, place, and community. Sometimes there is nothing more terrifying than a blank page or blinking cursor. Sometimes you need the right nudge and spark, these one hundred prompts are lit matches waiting for you”

Tiana Clark, I Can’t Talk About The Trees Without The Blood

Write It! is an absolute pleasure, a gentle, encouraging guide for discovering the stories around and within us. Jacobs and Brown serve as fairy godpoets, bringing us the words and wisdom of beloved writers along with prompts to inspire and embolden. This book asks us to be curious and open, to find ourselves in the mirror and on the page. It shows us how to eavesdrop on the world and our own hearts. “

Janet McNally, The Looking Glass

“These soul-searching prompts inspire conversations with oneself, our world, and poets who have come before us. As a teacher and author, I’m equally excited about sharing this book with my students and diving in myself!”

Nicole Kronzer, Unscripted

Prompts to cultivate curiosity and delight:

See yourself from surprising angles,
free of self-criticism.
Do something our plugged-in culture
rarely asks of us: be exactly where you are
Continue reaching outward and
investigate the lives of those around you.